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Nettie Awards Issued by the Beyond AIDS Foundation

The Nettie Award is named after New York Assembly Member Nettie Mayersohn, author of pioneer state legislation for HIV reporting, partner notification, and newborn HIV testing. It is the most prestigious award of the Beyond AIDS Foundation, and recognizes outstanding efforts to promote HIV prevention and control. Following is a list of the winners of this award since its inception in 2001.



  • Robert Pacheco and Joella Cudney (California Assembly Member and his legislative aide): For outstanding legislative efforts to achieve routine prenatal HIV testing

  • Federico Cruz-Uribe, MD: For leadership in Washington State to achieve HIV reporting and partner notification

  • Tom Coburn, MD: For leadership on HIV issues in the U.S. House of Representatives, including co-authorship of provisions in Ryan White CARE Act Reauthorization of 2000

  • Neena Ananda: Special award for performing at a Beyond AIDS benefit dance concert

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JoElla Cudney displays her award at California State Capitol, Sacramento, CA


  • Nettie Mayersohn (New York Assembly Member and inspiration for Nettie awards): Special award for leadership in N.Y. State Assembly on HIV/AIDS issues

  • Roland Foster: For outstanding Congresional staff work for HIV prevention, creation of the HIV Updates, and service to Beyond AIDS

  • William Lehrfeld: Awarded posthumously for donation of legal services to create the Beyond AIDS Foundation for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS

  • Herbert Gurian: For generous philanthropic support for reform of HIV/AIDS legislation

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Nettie Mayersohn receives her award from Ron Hattis at White House Office of National Director of AIDS Policy, Washington, DC


  • Roderick Wright and Stan DiOrio (California Assembly Member and his legislative aide): For authoring and achieving passage by the California Legislature of three HIV/AIDS bills sponsored by Beyond AIDS (two were vetoed and one was signed into law)

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Roderick Wright displays his award after presentation at Beyond AIDS meeting, Ventura, CA


  • John Dutra and Lisa Gardiner (California Assembly Member and his legislative aide): For authoring and achieving passage by the California Legislature of a prenatal HIV testing (signed into law)

  • Tom Burch (Kentucky Legislator, House of Representatives): For outstanding service for public health in the Kentucky Legislature in the reporting and control of HIV (authoring and achieving passage of a bill to change Kentucky's coded HIV reporting system to names, signed into law)

  • Peter Kerndt, MD, MPH: For courageous and dedicated service in HIV research and prevention

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Lisa Gardner and John Dutra hold their awards after presentation at California State Capitol, Sacramento, CA. Tom Burch displays his award, in Frankfort, KY.


  • Frank N. Judson, MD, MPH: For lifetime achievement in HIV/AIDS research and prevention, and for leadership on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS

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Frank Judson displays his award, Denver, CO


  • Monica Sweeney, MD, MPH: For courageous longterm advocacy of effective HIV prevention and control

  • Nell Soto (California legislator): For authoring and achieving passage by the California Legislature of a bill for confidential name-based HIV reporting (signed into law)

  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation: In recognition of outstanding public policy and legislative work (including lead sponsorship of legislation for HIV reporting in California), and clinical care for HIV/AIDS in Africa

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Judith Briggs Marsh, Board Chair, and Michael Weinstein, President, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (at left) receive award from Denise Bleak and Ron Hattis (at right), at AHF meeting, Los Angeles, CA


  • Patty Berg (California legislator): For outstanding legislative leadership to achieve routine HIV testing in California (for authoring and achieving passage of a bill for opt-out testing with oral consent, signed into law)

  • Mervyn Dymally (California legislator): For outstanding legislative efforts for routine HIV screening of incarcerated persons

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Berg and Dymally awards, in garden of California State Capitol, Sacramento, CA. Mervyn Dymally (right) receives award from Ron Hattis, at California State Capitol, Sacramento, CA.


  • San Francisco Department of Public Health: For bold leadership in HIV testing and prevention services

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Barbara Garcia hold award during presentation to San Francisco AIDS Office staff, by Ron Hattis (center) and Beyond AIDS intern Thomas Hand (right), San Francisco, CA


  • Fred Payne, MD, MPH: Awarded posthumously, for two decades of outstanding humanitarian research for the control of HIV/AIDS

  • Sister Stephen Purcell: Awarded posthumously, for courageous leadership including support for HIV control

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Dorothy Payne holds award honoring her late husband, Fred, in Shreveport, LA


  • Yvonne Pover, RDH, for continued devotion of graphics, communications, and fiscal services to the cause of HIV prevention

  • Denise Bleak, MSN, PHN, for tireless advocacy of improved public policies for the control of HIV infections

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Yvonne Porter holds her award, in Alexandria, VA. Denise Bleak receives her award, in Santa Paula, CA.


  • Nettie Mayersohn: A second-time award (see 2002 above) to the person who inspired our "Nettie" awards, in honor of her retirement from the New York State Assembly, and for lifetime legislative achievements in HIV control

  • Stan DiOrio: Another second-time award (see 2003 above), for outstanding legislative staff work to prevent HIV transmission

  • Senator Roderick Wright: A previous "Nettie" awardee (see 2003 above), he received a plaque this year for legislative leadership in HIV control and prevention

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Nettie Mayersohn becomes of the recipient of one of the awards names after her, in Queen, NYC. Stan DiOrio accepts his award at California State Capital, Sacramento.


  • Cary Savitch, MD: For founding a movement to reverse AIDS exceptionalism

  • Ron Hattis, MD, MPH: For development and dedicated promotion of innovative and improved strategies for HIV control

  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Kidder, MD, MPH: (Plaque) For dedicated service to Beyond AIDS and the Beyond AIDS Foundation

  • Dennis Thompson, MD: (Plaque) For dedicated service to Beyond AIDS and the Beyond AIDS Foundation

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  • Colin Shepard, MD: For the innovative use of HIV surveillance and technology to advance and promote public health, resulting in improved health outcomes for countless persons living with HIV/AIDS

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  • Bernard M. Branson. MD: For lifetime achievement in applying laboratory science to HIV prevention strategy

  • Rob Bonta: (Plaque) For valiant legislative achievement in protecting incarcerated persons from HIV and STDs

  • Amy Alley: (Plaque) For indomitable legislative staffing to protect incarcerated persons from HIV and STDs 

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  • Edward M. Gardner, MD: For pioneering work identifying care engagement gaps, which generated the HIV Care Continuum

  • Marsha Martin, DSW: For tireless efforts nationally and internationally on urban HIV prevention policy

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  • Michael Weinstein: For courageous, tireless, and innovative advocacy to advance HIV prevention and treatment

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  • Matthew R. Golden, MD: For leading the first known achievement of the UNAIDS goal of 90-90-90 for HIV control and treatment, King County, WA

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  • Gary Richwald, MD, MPH: For career-long advocacy of integration of HIV and STD screening and services, and of increasing access to both

  • Yvette Calderon, MD: For multiple innovative interventions and longtime advocacy for HIV prevention, including integrating HIV testing into New York emergency departments

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Gary Richwald and Yvette Calerdon receive their awards.


  • Michael S. Gottlieb, MD: For lifetime achievement in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, from authoring first report of AIDS through today

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Michael S. Gottlieb holding his award.


  • Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH: For bold leadership, compassion, inclusivity, and creativity in reducing HIV/AIDS in New York City

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Daskalakis Award


  • National Coalition of STD Directors: For persistent advocacy of coordinated approaches to prevention and control of HIV and other STDs

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National Coalition of STD Directors Award


  • B. Kaye Hayes, MPA: For coordinating national HIV/AIDS policy and the development of the first national strategic plans for STIs and viral hepatitis

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National Coalition of STD Directors Award


  • Laura Cheever, MD, ScM: For exceptional longtime nationwide administration of high-quality programs for HIV care and treatment

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National Coalition of STD Directors Award

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