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The Beyond AIDS Foundations provides professional education for physicians and other providers who care for patients with HIV/AIDS.

The sample materials posted on this site may be used and duplicated freely for educational purposes in their current form, unless otherwise indicated. Permission is needed for changing them or using portions without attribution. Presentations in pdf format have been converted from PowerPoint files. The original PowerPoint files, or individual slides, may be made available on request. Please write to Please be patient after selecting presentations, as they may take several minutes to load. You can tell that a file is still being downloaded by looking for an icon on your browser such as a timer (Firefox, upper right) or a "Downloading" symbol (Chrome, lower left).

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Slide presentations from Beyond AIDS Foundation educational programs: Download as pdf files

Older Articles and Presentations of Interest

Help for California Providers: State Legal Requirements for HIV Testing and Partner Notification, and Checklists to Assist Compliance

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