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General Information, and Whatever Happened to "Beyond AIDS"?

Your affiliation is needed and welcome! Every supporter of Beyond AIDS Foundation is personally valued as an important asset. We have proven that a small number of committed people CAN make a difference. Contacting legislators and other officials can help to shape laws and public policy.

Note that we are no longer soliciting membership renewals and separate contributions to "Beyond AIDS," which was our general membership corporation from 1998-2019. As of January 2020, "Beyond AIDS" is being merged with Beyond AIDS Foundation and will no longer exist separately. See history at

Our Mission seeks to reverse the global HIV epidemic through a public health policy balancing rights and responsibilities. Your affiliation as a supporter of Beyond AIDS Foundation can help to achieve that.

If you are interested in being a supporter, please complete our supporter information form. Please note the instructions on the form, which can be completed online or by regular mail.

Your contribution to Beyond AIDS Foundation can help control the HIV epidemic.

Thank You!

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