The Nutcracker is Already Dancing: The HIVs and the HIV-Nots
by Cary Savitch, MD

This is the classic 1997 book that helped inspire the founding of Beyond AIDS. It remains relevant reading today. Dr. Cary Savitch noted that 10,000 people worldwide were becoming newly infected with HIV every day. Over the course of nine days the new cases of global HIV could fill the Rose Bowl. Public health was being trashed for this particular disease. The fight against AIDS was being waged with swords of individual rights and shields of privacy. Only the human spirit was being defeated. The author noted that control of AIDS rests in the hands and the hearts of those who are infected. He issued a clarion call for a new strategy for HIV control, based on sound public health policy. That policy has to this day not been fully Cary Savitchimplemented.

Cary Savitch MD initiated the founding of Beyond AIDS within a year year after this book was published. He is Past-President of Beyond AIDS, and the current President of the Beyond AIDS Foundation. Dr. Savitch received his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco.

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Condom Sense: A Guide to Sexual Survival in the New Millenium
by M. Monica Sweeney, MD, MPH

This 1995 book gives valuable tips on safer sex and how it can save lives, including the lives of the readers. The importance of condom use, effectiveness of condoms, condom selection, and how to negotiate about it with sex partners are among the many topics covered. Dr. Monica Sweeney

Dr. Monica Sweeney was Assistant Commissioner for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control for the New York City Health Department from 2007 - 2013, where she has managed the NYC Condom campaign. She is a former member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, and is a Board Member of Beyond AIDS.

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